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The Challenge

This start up company originally approached us with an idea to create a holiday phonebook app and required us to look into the market/ audience and do a piece of research to validate the business case. We produced a market research piece using data analysis, audience profiling and then f2f customer research, that led to the conclusion that there was a bigger opportunity to focus on.

The Solution

The revised focus of the app looked at collaborative sharing at events. The initial app was created to set up an area for weddings, that all attendees could share into. This meant the bride and groom would capture all the best photos from their event in one central location. Built using the Titanium framework, this meant the concept could be quickly developed across both iOS and Android platforms and modifications could be made swiftly across both. A CMS- driven website was created to manage the set up of the events. This enabled the owner of the event to invite collaborators to use the app and access the event.

Quickly the app proposition developed further to include events such as Corporate Events and Music Festivals; set up and led by the Brand/ Company and then fed into by a collaborative audience of attendees.

Real-time digital collaboration for events.

The Scripin app invites guests to share their photos and videos at weddings, festivals and corporate events. Event organisers can manage the content and present it all in real-time via large screens and choose from a range of different presentation modes.


Event setup in seconds

Quick event setup with flexible privacy options tailored to each event type.


User Profiles.

Users can swipe across to view all of their photos and videos that they have contributed to the event presentation. They can also view stats for number of photos/videos, likes and shares.


Custom in-app camera

The in-app camera offers event organisers different options on the output of the photos and videos taken within the app.


Social Sharing

As well as sharing photos at the event, users can share their photos on the popular social media platforms.


The Outcome

  • Launched with over 800 career profiles
  • Over 1,000 apprenticeship vacancies displayed within the app each year
  • 650 average yearly users

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